Applying to Rehome a Tortoise through the Tortoise Protection Group

In order to rehome a tortoise through the Tortoise Protection Group, you will be required to register as a member. This can be done via Facebook here for free. 

We have a responsibility to a tortoise’s current carer to ensure that all who rehome a Tortoise through the Tortoise Protection Group can meet a tortoise’s needs. To this end, you will be required to complete and submit (preferably by e-mail) a Rehoming Registration Form and supply photos to support your application. 

The Application Form can be downloaded in Word Format (here) or in RFT Format (here). The form can also be copied from our website here, pasted to an e-mail, completed and then e-mailed back to us.
Please e-mail the competed form and photos to:

Please note that registration forms will not be accepted without photos (these can be sent in a separate e-mail). You will need to provide evidence of a suitable, spacious, outdoor area with access to an indoor area. Ideally this will need to be weatherproofed and have adequate heating and lighting. A converted shed or greenhouse is ideal. The photos will help us and the current keeper to make the best match for each tortoise, ensuring continuity of care. If you have more than one species, please label the photos so we know which species is to be kept in which area. We are more than happy to work with you, answer any questions you may have and make recommendations to ensure you are ready to take on a tortoise.
If necessary, we may organise a home visit to ensure all is in place.

Once we have received your Registration Form, we will upload your details into our database for future reference so you won’t have to submit your application again. We would be grateful if you would kindly inform us of any changes that will affect where any tortoise(s) will spend their time, e.g. a house move, changes to the tortoise accommodation etc

Please do not be put off by this – we are here to help.

An experienced keeper is not always essential.

What you need to know BEFORE applying to rehome a tortoise through the
Tortoise Protection Group

We feel it is important that you know what to expect when rehoming from the Tortoise Protection Group. Kindly read this thoroughly before applying to rehome a tortoise from us.
It will save you applying/registering if you are unable to achieve a suitable set-up to permit a rehomed tortoise to thrive.

     Kindly ensure you meet our criteria before applying to rehome a tortoise:-

  • Tortoises require space and somewhere to warm themselves when the UK weather does not permit them to do so. Ideas for set-ups can be found HERE
  • They require a carer who can meet their needs – Species specific care sheets can be found HERE. We also run forums for questions on our Website and on Facebook
  • Newspaper, wood chips, pellets and bark are NOT suitable substrates
  • Portable cage-style wire pens are not considered as suitable outdoor enclosures

  • The mixing of different species will not be accepted
  • Be prepared to personally collect the tortoise/s and not use an animal courier
  • Vivariums are not acceptable for most species of tortoise
  • Enclosures (indoor and outdoor) that are accessible to dogs are not acceptable
  • Diets that include vegetables or commercial pellets are not suitable for most species of tortoise (Mediterranean tortoises)
  • Tortoises that are allowed "free roam" around the house is not acceptable
  • Photos of both indoor and outdoor set-ups will need to be seen please.
  • All applications will require evidence that a tortoise has sufficient outdoor space when the weather permits and indoor space when it doesn't please

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail our Rehoming Team :

Please remember that the Tortoise Protection Group is run solely by volunteers.There is no rehoming fee or ongoing annual membership to pay before and after you have rehomed a tortoise. We do however require donations to keep the TPG website and other services up and running. We ask you kindly visit our
donation section on the left and consider making a small donation.

Email is the preferred method of communication but not every email will be answered immediately as we also work outside of the TPG, so please bear with us.

Tortoises cannot live in "plans" or "works in progress"

For a list of Tortoises we have currently have available for rehoming , please CLICK HERE 

If you would like to receive notifications of tortoises as they become available, please join our Facebook Rehoming Group

Please check our list regularly and email us if there is a tortoise you would be interested in rehoming.

If you decide that you’d prefer to purchase a tortoise, for whatever reason, please CLICK HERE where you will find lots of information and recommendations.

The Tortoise Protection Group is run solely by volunteers. 100% of the funding goes towards the continual development of the website; the cost of our server, bandwidth, maintenance and our popular rehoming service. We rely on the generosity of other fellow tortoise keepers to keep the site and our services up and running.

Please consider donating whatever amount you can to help sustain the Tortoise Protection Group or preferably a small regular monthly donation of £1 or £2 a month. 

Ways to donate:

Donations can be made by paypal to “”
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Kindest Regards
The Tortoise Protection Group

May 2015


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