TPG Photo Gallery

Welcome to the TPG photo gallery.  Here you will find a range of photo albums covering various aspects of tortoise husbandry, health, and species.  We will frequently add material to this section, and expect it to grow considerably over time, so we encourage you to revisit the photo gallery often.


Set-ups for Adults

Suitable tortoise enclosures

Outdoor Set Ups for Juveniles & Hatchlings

Suitable tortoise enclosures

Indoor Enclosures For Juveniles & Hatchlings

Suitable indoor housing set ups

Poor husbandry

Various images depicting the effects of inadequate or incorrect tortoise care

Dog Attacks

Dogs can horrendous injuries. The demise of a tortoise following an attack from a "safe" dog is not unheard of. A dog's temperament can change as it ages. PLEASE BEWARE


Septicaemia Photos - What to look out for

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