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The Tortoise Protection Group is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007.

Our site is dedicated to helping ensure the survival of tortoises in the wild by encouraging people to not purchase imported wild-caught tortoises, and those bred in the deplorable, restrictive tortoise farms abroad and imported into the UK for the commercial pet trade. We have linked with various UK Breeders to offer an alternative to the tortoises imported into the UK for the commercial pet trade..
If you are looking at buying a Tortoise for Sale, please view our list of genuine
UK Breeders.

We also run a rehoming service and currently have many tortoises looking for suitable homes throughout the UK.
Tortoises available for rehoming

We aim to promote high standards of husbandry to tortoise keepers in the UK; both through our website and our forums.

With your help we can make a difference

The Tortoise Protection Group were invited to the Terraristica Reptile Fair held in Hamm, Germany to act as consultants and also assist in the making of a film about the fair. Many of the traders who offered animals for sale at the fair also export tortoises to the UK. The film gives a clear insight as to the appalling conditions the animals were kept in the and shocking manner in which the animals are displayed for sale.

Please take some time to view the film and please bear in mind the restrictive, unsuitable conditions these unfortunate animals have to endure in the Pet Trade:-

A Far Cry From Nature (Part One)
A Far Cry From Nature (Part Two)

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who have donated funds to help keep the Tortoise Protection Group up and running overs the last 6+ years. We are a non-profit group run solely by volunteers. Without your help, we would be unable to run the website, offer links for care sheets and advice, promote our rehoming program and link people to genuine UK Breeders as opposed to buying wild-caught tortoises and those bred on the deplorable tortoise farms abroad and imported into the UK for the pet trade....as well as much more.
If you'd like to help keep the Tortoise Protection Group running, please consider making  a small regular donation of 1 or 2 a month, or a one off donation.

Ways to donate:

Donations can also be made by Paypal, by clicking the "Donate" button located in the top right hand corner of this page.

Please email us at donate@tortoise-protection-group and let us know if you have paid a donation directly into our bank account so we may acknowledge you.

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The Tortoise Protection Group

April 2016


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