Rehoming Stories

Please click on the links below to read some of the rehoming stories sent in by our members who have been kind enough to offer these tortoises a lovely new home, and in many cases, a much better life.  Sometimes our members travel long distances to rescue a tortoise and we are very grateful to them for all their efforts.

November 2013 
Poppy's Story

April 2009

Betty, a very lucky Hermanns 

March 2009

Toto a Hermanns Tortoise

February 2009

The Story of Willow, the Hermanns.

January 2009

Becky and the Birtenshaw Torts

November 2008

Scarlett, the Redfoot

September 2008

Two little leopards, Cookie and Jazz

August 2008

Dolly the Red Eared Slider's lucky day



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