Looking for a caring home for your Tortoise? 

Thank You for considering rehoming your tortoise through the Tortoise Protection Group.

Our rehoming service is completely free and is run purely on a voluntary donation basis. We always take the greatest of care when looking for a new home for a tortoise. When rehoming a tortoise, we firstly take into account the current owner’s wishes. This may be that you would like your tortoise to be rehomed locally, or to be relocated where he/she can be with other tortoises.This being the case, we ensure any prospective new home has the same species of tortoise and a sensible male:female ratio.

Should you confirm you would like the Tortoise Protection Group to rehome your tortoise, we search through our existing database of applicants and advertise your tortoise through our website and other various medias in order to find the best home available. Once we believe we have found a suitable home, we will pass the details of the prospective home onto yourself and, if you are happy with the new home we have selected, we invite you to talk with the prospective new keeper and eventually meet them, before passing over your tortoise to his/her new home.

We hope this gives an insight into how our rehoming program works, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us (details at the bottom of this page).

Should you wish us to start the rehoming process for your tortoise we will require the following details please, to enable us to match your tortoise with the most suitable home available:-

  • Your Name and contact telephone number?
  • Your location?
  • Your tortoise’s name?
  • Species of tortoise (if known)?
  • Sex of Tortoise (if known)?
  • Approximate age of your tortoise?
  • Photos of your tortoise, including shots of the tail area so we can confirm your tortoise’s sex – vitally important when rehoming a tortoise
  • Would you be willing to travel to meet the new keeper, if yes how far please?
  • Details of any existing or previous ill-health?
  • Any additional special rehoming requests?
  • Any other information you may feel relevant please?

If you decide you would like us to start the rehoming process for your tortoise at any time, please e-mail the above details through to rehoming@tortoise-protection-group.org.uk

Once we have clarified all the above information, we will be in a position to start the rehoming process and will hopefully locate a wonderful new home for your tortoise. 

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

The TPG Rehoming Team

The Tortoise Protection Group is run solely by volunteers. 100% of the funding goes towards the continual development of the website; the cost of our server, bandwidth, maintenance and our popular rehoming service. We rely on the generosity of other fellow tortoise keepers to keep the site and our services up and running.

Please consider donating whatever amount you can to help sustain the Tortoise Protection Group or preferably a small regular monthly donation of £1 or £2 a month. 

Ways to donate:

Donations can also be made by Paypal, by clicking the "Donate" button located in the top right hand corner of this page.

Please email us at donate@tortoise-protection-group and let us know if you have paid a donation directly into our bank account so we may acknowledge you.

Kindest Regards
The Tortoise Protection Group

January 2014


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