Horsfield tortoise

Agrionemys horsfieldii
(formerly known as Testudo horsfieldii)



The Horsfield, also known as Russian tortoise, is a hardy tortoise with respect to a cooler climate due to its more northerly habitat. However, great care should be taken with this species as it is not only competent at burrowing, but tunneling also and is one of the most common tortoises to be lost when people permit them to roam their garden.

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Horsfield care sheet

Recommended For the UK? 
Whilst the Horsfield Tortoise is without a doubt one of the most hardy species of tortoises with respect to cooler climates, they do come with extra responsibility. Coming from a colder climate, they are very apt at not only digging, but tunneling also. This invariably means that the area they can move between outside has to be restricted and made very secure to ensure this tortoise cannot tunnel out of their enclosure and become lost. If you are looking for a tortoise that can roam your garden on hot summer's day, then the Horsfield is probably not the best choice.

If you are considering buying a tortoise, please avoid pet shops, garden centres and tortoise centres and look to purchase your tortoise from a reputable breeder who will supply you with a healthy tortoise and the very best advice on how to give it a long, good quality life. We have a list of genuine verified breeders on our website.

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December 2013


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