Care Sheets

In this section we aim to provide the best advice on husbandry for the most commonly kept species of tortoises.  There is much conflicting and confusing information in the literature (some of which is woefully out of date) and on the internet. 


Our care sheets have been compiled from the most authoritative sources, and are grounded in the experience of tortoise keepers of long experience.  The bottom line has always been to replicate the natural habitat of a particular species as closely as possible, but our knowledge of the requirements of tortoises is always expanding, and we therefore plan to update the existing care sheets on a regular basis, and add sheets for other species in due course. 

You will need pdf reader installed on your pc to download the care sheets. You can download this by clicking HERE


We welcome suggestions for enhancing these sheets, so please do contact us if you have any recommendations for changes or additional material.





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