Hermanns tortoise

Testudo hermanni  -  Testudo hermanni hermanni
Testudo hermanni boettgeri   (most common in the UK)

This species of tortoise has a bony tip at the end of the tail and is lacking in spurs on the legs.   The carapace is generally flattish and colours can vary, from yellow to olive green with black markings.  Hermanni can be found in Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, France, former Yugoslavia and Italy.

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Hermanns care sheet

Recommended for the UK : YES
A hibernating species that, with the correct care, planning and husbandry can thrive in the UK. Though as with all species of tortoise a good deal of research and forward planning should be undertaken before taking on any tortoise. 

If you are considering buying a tortoise, please avoid pet shops, garden centres and tortoise centres and look to purchase your tortoise from a reputable breeder who will supply you with a healthy tortoise and the very best advice on how to give it a long, good quality life. We have a list of genuine verified breeders on our website.

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December 2013


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