Forward Planning

Making Provision for the Future Care of Your Tortoise When You are No Longer Able to Look After It

Sadly, ill health and death will eventually come to all of us in our life time.  In order for your tortoise to receive ongoing care after you are no longer able to look after it, given its longevity, it may be worth considering the following: 

  • Is there someone or an organisation that you would prefer your tortoise to live with?
  • If so, do they know your wishes?
  • Is it a requirement that your tortoise must be returned to a rehoming group?
  • Are your next of kin or solicitor aware of these wishes?
  • Do they know where to find the tortoise(s)?  Especially if they are in hibernation?
  • Do they know how many tortoises you keep?
  • What species?
  • Have you organised records of their care to enable the transition to be as stress free for your tortoise and the new owners as possible?  If so do they know where you keep your records?
  • Have you left any financial provisions for the tortoise’s upkeep?
  • Have you written instructions of what needs to be taken with the tortoise e.g. enclosures, lights, vitamins, favourite hides, past veterinary treatment records or CITES certificates where appropriate?
  • Ideally, there should be a written record of your instructions with more than one person.

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