Red-footed tortoise

Geochelone carbonaria

Red-footed tortoises are tropical rain forest tortoises whose range covers most of tropical South America.  There are several regional variants, with some large adults having a straight carapace length (SCL) of up to 16-17 (these larger red-foots usually inhabit the tropical forests of southern Brazil, in the Pantanal range).  There are possibly several sub-varieties of red-foots that will one day be separated into sub-species, and the most commonly recognised of these is the cherry-headed red-foot, or dwarf red-foot, whose SCL rarely exceeds 12 (10 being the average).


Red-Foot care sheet

 Recommended for the UK : NO
The Red-foot is a large non-hibernating species, that requires a large heated area throughout the winter and poor summer months. Originating from the rainforest region the Red-foot requires a humidity of around 80%, which is very costly and difficult to achieve for most. This is a tortoise for the serious keeper where ongoing expense is no object. 

If you are considering buying a tortoise, please avoid pet shops, garden centres and tortoise centres and look to purchase your tortoise from a reputable breeder who will supply you with a healthy tortoise and the very best advice on how to give it a long, good quality life. We have a list of genuine verified breeders on our website.

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