Tortoise Glossary Terms

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Glossary Terms:  I


Spur Thigh tortoise.

Identification (ID):   

A series of characteristics (physical and behavioural) that enables recognition of a tortoise as a member of a particular species or sub-species. 


A condition where a looped intestine or a plug of some foreign matter makes the animal unable to pass waste material through the intestine to the outside. Potentially a fatal condition.  It is more common in smaller animals that are kept on a substrate of sand and caused by accidental ingestion of the substrate.

Impressed tortoise:   

Manouria impressa.


Term used to denote the artificial hatching of eggs through mechanical means.

Incubation period:   

Period from time of laying of egg, during which the embryo completes its development. The developmental phase of an egg prior to hatching, which requires warmth.


A device used to incubate eggs.

Indian star tortoise:   

Geochelone elegens tortoise.


Originating in and naturally living, growing, or occurring in a region or country.

Indotestudo elongata:   

Elongated tortoise.

Indotestudo forstenii: 

Forstens tortoise.

Indotestudo travancorica:   

Travancore tortoise.


Invisible heat rays beyond the visible light spectrum.


Information which is passed from parents to offspring through genes in sperm and egg cells.


In between the two gular scutes.


Eats insects only.

International Species Information System (ISIS):   

Tracks taxonomic and breeding information of all species, used extensively in zoos.


The lower part of the alimentary tract which terminates at the cloaca.


A species not native to a region but which now occur there as a result of artificial transport or escapes from captivity.


Turned inwards.

Iranian spur-thighed tortoise:   

Testudo graeca zarudnyi.



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