Tortoise Glossary Terms

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Glossary Terms:  D


Have a bowel movement. The expulsion of excrement, faeces.


The act of expulsion of faeces.


A dangerous lack of water in body tissues resulting from inadequate intake of water, too arid an environment, or as a result of over heating.

Desert tortoise:   

Gopherus agassizii.


Frequent and excessive discharging of the bowels producing abnormally thin watery stools, usually as a symptom of gastro-intestinal upset or infection.


Two distinct forms within a species such as two different colours, patterns, or the presence/absence of body parts.  See also polymorphism.  Sexual dimorphism is the existence of morphological divergence between male and female.

Dipsochelys Arnoldi:   

Arnold’s tortoise.

Dipsochelys dussumieri:   

Aldabra tortoise.  Formerly classified as Geochelone gigantea and Dipsochelys elephantina.

Dipsochelys Hololissa:   

Seychelles tortoise.


Mostly active during the day.


Pertaining to the back or upper part.

Double Clutching:   

Producing two or more clutches in less than a year.


Difficult labour or birth.  See egg bound/retention.



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