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Posted: 19/03/2011 by 11111barcode11111

Please help... we have taken responsibility for a Horsefield tortoise aged 3 - years. She is in a vivarium with uv light and heat and is being fed on a variety of wild flower pellets, fresh spring green/broccoli with added suppliments, but she vomits a white sticky chalky fluid. Please tell us what we can do to help her.

Re: vomitting
Posted: 19/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, are you sure she is 'vomiting' this fluid, as it could be urates which they expel when they wee.  If you are sure it is from the mouth, then you should go to a tortoise specialist vet immediately as it is serious for a tortoise to vomit.

You then need to sort out the husbandry, that is how she is looked after. Firstly, she needs to come out of the vivarium as this is totally wrong housing for a horsfield.  She needs to be in an open table top or large indoor rabbit cage where the air can circulate and you can gain a range of temperatures.  These need to be around 35C under the basking lamp and 20C in the cooler parts.  A viv has one temperature throughout, that the tortoise cannot escape from the heat, any vents are not enough.  Viv's are designed for reptiles such as lizards.

Also the food you are feeding needs to change. She should only be fed weeds or certain plants from the garden.  A dish of water needs to be available at all time and give her regular warm baths.  Please read our care sheets which can be found on the left hand menu under 'the tortoise', here is a link for ease

Also, see some of our members indoor and outdoor enclosures, as examples to follow

And lastly, the sun is the finest thing for the tortoise, so make sure you have a secure outdoor enclosure that she can go in for the good weather.  An hour in the sun is worth more than hours under a lamp!

Please dont let this put you off, we just want to help you provide the best care for her. Let us know how you get on, if you need to find a tortoise vet, see the list we have on the left menu under 'vet and health issues'.  Any problems please let me know.

Regards Vivienne


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