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12 days - no poo
Posted: 14/09/2011 by df

Hi chaps, its now been 12 days since Mrs Brown did her last poo, and that was only the tiny bit on the way to the vets, she looks ok and is eating fine, i am bathing her everyday and she is weeing ok, no urates, do you think i should take her back to vets to have x-ray, 12 days seems a long time but i have read that they can go longer, any idea's ?

Many thanks


Re: 12 days - no poo
Posted: 14/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Debs

Try giving two baths a day in warm water up to just under the chin. When Keya had this problem I also gave her aloe vera and opuntia, sedum can do the trick too. If nothing happens after a couple more days then I would just get her checked over


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