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sleepy tort
Posted: 09/09/2011 by shazzler

im desperate for abit of advice for my tort twiglet.

hes gone very sleepy for the past few weeks, ive bought a new uv light and checked his temps but he just isnt interested in anything, if i get him up and bathe him he will eat afterwards but other than that nothing, he wont go into his water bowl he wont do anything ,,
i came home from work yesterday and hed buried himself , i think this weather is confusing him but hes indoors most of the time, tbh im thinking of rehoming him because i just dont have the knowledge to keep him happy anymore
any advice would be great thanks xx

Re: sleepy tort
Posted: 09/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Shazzler
You are are wonderful owner and twiglet is very lucky to have you. Click and drag me down to the editor 
It is not anything you are doing wrong, it is just the weather. Mine are are very lazy too, but as long as you keep the temps up to stop them hibernating and the digestive system going, this will keep them healthy until hibernation time. If I remember correctly, Twiglet is a horsfield and they are known to sleep alot. Torts are mainly active in the springtime as this is their mating time, summer when it is too hot they estivate and winter they shut down for hibernation. If he is eating and pooing and weeing as normal, does not seem lethargic, then just keep the temps up and keep an eye on him, of course if you are worried then pop him along to a specialist vet for a check over.

Re: sleepy tort
Posted: 09/09/2011 by shazzler

awww thanks jane xxx


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