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Very sleepy Herman
Posted: 27/07/2011 by hhaylock


i recently got a baby tortoise from a trusted UK seller in March.

everything was going very well, she was eating, sleeping, drinking and roaming perfectly.

at first i used wood chippings for her to walk on. i cleaned her out and changed to alfalfa pellets which i think is perfectly fine.

the problem shes having is, i havent seen her eat, drink or roam in about a few days and im very worried. all she does it crawl in a dark corner and sleep.

i googled it and it said shes getting ready for hibernation! its way to early! please help im so desperate!

if you need more info on her please ask.

thank you

Re: Very sleepy Herman
Posted: 27/07/2011 by tortoise7

If you are still using wood chippings then I would change the substrate asap to 50-50 topsoil & play sand. She should not be getting ready for hibernation yet, even though the weather is not good it isn't cold enough.
Can I ask what housing you have her in, the heating/light set-up and what you are feeding her on? sorry for questions but this all makes a big difference

Re: Very sleepy Herman
Posted: 09/04/2012 by rubykb4


I have a similar problem, we bought a baby Herman in Nov 2011, all was fine until a couple of weeks ago, all she wants to do is sleep, we have been told that she should'nt hibernate until she is a year old.did you sort your problem out? and if so have you any advice.

Cheers     Ruby


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