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Shuffling tort !
Posted: 18/04/2011 by Tracie

Hello, sorry to bother you all but i am becoming increasing concerned for my female spur thigh Tort, who is 5 years old.... She woke from hibernation 3 weeks ago and has been doing great, ate within hours of waking and had bath.... Been out in the garden and as i say doing real well...

 Problem,  For the last week she seems to have slowed down, and although eating, not eating very much... Main concern though is she is struggling to walk! Seems to be dragging herself along the ground, i noticed that although on examination all legs extend well, when on the ground walking the rear right leg doesnt seem to do much work, Left leg works fine... Also not holding weight on legs and is shuffling along the gound if that makes sense.... She wants to walk as she extends her head and neck... She hardly moves, which is very uncommon for her.... Sleeps alot and is not walking round indoor enclosure either... She has had 2 poos since waking and her first pee yesterday..... As i say she was doing really well in the first 2 weeks.... I have hibernated her the last 3 years without problems.... and minimal weight loss during hibernation....

 Any ideas as i real worried....

thanks in advance

 Tracie x

Re: Shuffling tort !
Posted: 19/04/2011 by TPGDarren

Hi Tracie,

Not a problem at all:-) I would be inclined to take her to the vets asap, initially for an x-ray to determine whether she has retained eggs and also to check her bone density. If this is unsuccessful then a blood sample may need to be taken in order to check the blood ionised calcium levels, which if low can lead to hind limb paralysis and the weakening of the muscles.
There is a list of recommended vets in the "Vets and Health Issues" section on the left.
Please let us know how she gets on
Best Regards


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