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Sleepy tort!!
Posted: 20/03/2011 by kirk

Click and drag me down to the editor Hi, I have 2 horsefields borm sept 2009, all going really well but over last few weeks Samantha been going back to bed as soon as eaten. If i am about i move her back under her lamp, her friend Jessica very occasionaly follows her. But been weighing regularly and whilst Jessica is gaining nice steady weight Sam has actually now lost couple of grams. She seems less interested in her food and just wants to sleep. Jess is up roughly same time every day and normally within 10 mins of her lamp being switched on. Started putting Sam back in table after her bath 5 mins before Jess incase she is pinching all the food. Is this quite normal?


Re: Sleepy tort!!
Posted: 22/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi Kirstie, I would take a poo sample from both of them to the vets to be checked for worms.  You could also check the temps are correct under the basking spot which should be around 35C and 20C in the cooler ends.  We have a list of tortoise specialist vets on the left menu under 'vets and health issues', however, any vet can check for worms.

Let us know how you get on, regards Vivienne

Re: Sleepy tort!!
Posted: 23/03/2011 by kirk

Hi. Temps seem fine and yesterday they both had a great fun session in the garden, she was the one who was on a marathan sprint mission!!!

Rang my vets and going to drop off samples as and when i get them. . . why would she have worms and not the other one as both in same enviroment and eating same food? Is it something they are born with? Sorry for my ignorance.

Re: Sleepy tort!!
Posted: 23/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, if the one has them then as you say its more than likely they both will have them, but the burden may be larger in the one tort than the other, or the worms/parasites may have lowered the ones immunity more and affecting it. It may not be worms but its best to rule them out, as if the tort is an imported tort, the liklihood is that it has picked them up.

I hope this helps, I'm glad you are getting them checked out, please let us know how you get on, regards Vivienne

Re: Sleepy tort!!
Posted: 24/03/2011 by kirk

Hi Vivienne

They are not imported they are captive bred and have spoke to my lovely breeder Helen and she has given me lots of advise. Am going to take a sample to eliminate worms( Not had poo since i decided that) !!!! but she also thinks it unlikely its worms. Going to try feeding them seperately and giving her time to warm up before i bath her . . . tried all this this morning but they both sulked and didnt play ball at all. . . .just like kids at times.

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