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Eye Problem
Posted: 12/03/2011 by mls999

Hello, I'm concerened about 1 of our spur thighed tortoise. She is about 8 months old and over the past 2 weeks she doesn't open her eyes very often. When she does the eyes look sunken. I've read that this could be caused by low vitiman A. So we have given her more Dandelions to eat and she appeared to be improving, but the eyes have closed again and appear to be sunken again.
Any advice gratfully received.

Re: Eye Problem
Posted: 12/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, I would take her to a vet asap, she could be very dehydrated or worm burden, best let a tortoise specialist vet see her, we have a list of vets (see 'vets and health issues' on the left menu bar).

Have you been bathing her and is she drinking?  Another source of vitamin A is carrot, but only grate a little on the food, and only give occasionally.

Let us know how you get on, regards Vivienne

Re: Eye Problem
Posted: 12/03/2011 by mls999

Thank you, Yes we bath her every day, I think she is taking a drink at this time, she is opening her bowels and passing urine which sometimes has white substance in there, I have tried carrot but didn't grate it I will try that. She seems to have plenty of energy, it's just the eyes. I'm very worried. And I will take her to a vet as I can't see any on the list in the West Midlands if anybody knows of one please.

Re: Eye Problem
Posted: 13/03/2011 by tortoise7

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor

Sucken eyes are usually a sign of dehydration. Vitamin A deficeincy affects the membranes and the retinal area. Like Vivienne has said a good tortoise vets is needed as Vitamin A defiency needs to have a definate diagnosis, it is highly toxic if given in large doses or if not needed. With the drinking, two other things you can try, is when feeding your torts weeds give them a good soak and don't dry them off too much, also try pouring water over the nares, the tort should raise their head up to take in the water, even little bits of each intake all mount up to extra fluid intake.
How are things going have you managed to find a vet yet?
Its positive that they are pooing and weeing, lovely subjects we talk about aren't they.
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: Eye Problem
Posted: 16/03/2011 by mls999

Just an update for you, have been to see a vet who said she has conjunctivitis and prescribed some eye drops. Whilst I'm sad that she's ill I must say I am somewhat releived. Also she is a little bit overweight, slap on the wrist duly taken.Thanks again, Mark and Toes

Re: Eye Problem
Posted: 16/03/2011 by DavidWYork

I am no vet, but with what you describe, I would want a second vet's diagnosis  as the symptoms sound to me like  dehydration. Each day passed in a dehydrated state can be very injurious. The weight  might be concealing an underlying kidney problem, causing body bloating, but nevertheless a current fluid uptake issue. Anyone else got an opinion?...I would hate you to be getting inappropriate treatment. Not all vets are very experienced with torts and terrapins. Let's pool our expertise to help a sick beastie!   David in York


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