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sand and soil
Posted: 15/01/2011 by louisej

Hi do u think my tort could be allergic to sand and soil substrate because his eyes sometimes are quite puffy.Took him to vets he said to use eyedrops but that didnt help.He was in a viv with chippings on the floor before.Thanks for any help.

Re: sand and soil
Posted: 15/01/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, I wouldnt think he is allergic to sand/soil, just make sure its ordinary top soil (no additives in it) and that the sand is PLAY sand (not builders).  Also, gently fine mist the top of the sand/soil in the mornings to prevent dust affecting his eyes.

Being in a tortoise table with sand soil is far better and natural for him than being in a viv on chippings (which can affect torts as they give off fumes under heat of the lights).

Hope this helps, let us know how he gets on, regards Vivienne

Re: sand and soil
Posted: 15/01/2011 by tpgAli


Sometimes puffy eyes can also be due to a vitamin A deficiency. Make sure you sprinkle nutrobal on the food every few days.


Re: sand and soil
Posted: 30/01/2011 by louisej

Hi just to let u know tort is fine now,eating and running round like a looney.His eyes are great.He had been hibernated for 8 weeks .


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