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Is my tortoise ill
Posted: 11/01/2011 by noodles

Hi I have a 6 yr old horsefield which I keep in a tortoise table. over the last couple of days he has been quite lethargic and seems to have a runny nose and his mouth keeps gaping occasionaly and making a noise as if his nose his bunged up. I have just gave him a warm bath he has eaten a little bit but I am really worried about him and I dont know of a good vet where I live Rotherham, could you please help. Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Is my tortoise ill
Posted: 12/01/2011 by tortoise7


Sorry to hear your torts not well. I would get them to a vet asap.
Here is the link for suggested torts

Keep us posted
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: Is my tortoise ill
Posted: 12/01/2011 by noodles

Hi thanks for getting back to me Im devasted my little chap died in the night. I did everything I possibly could I dont know where I went wrong. My little girl is devasted do you know if there is any rehoming tortoises near us or where the best place would be to get another. We r so sad Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Is my tortoise ill
Posted: 14/01/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, Awwww I am so sorry to hear your tortoise died, I know exactly how you feel my very first tort died within a week of getting him, he was from an internet dealer before I knew of the perils of buying from them! Mine died of the same symptoms which is know as Runny Nose Syndrome. 

I dont know of any rehoming places near you, you could register with the Tortoise Trust.

Its best not to buy another from a pet shop or internet to replace him, your best bet would be to wait for the better weather and buy one from a breeder who will be there for you to assist with its care.

How long did you have your little chap, can you tell us a little about him and your set up, so we can advise for the your next one.

I am so sorry, regards Vivienne


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