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poo touble
Posted: 06/01/2011 by madkay

hi could anyone help me my horsefield tortoie hasnt had a poo for weeks i keep bathing her in warm water but nothing happens xxx

Re: poo touble
Posted: 06/01/2011 by tpgAli


Is she eating ok? The best time to bath her is the morning once she has warmed up as this is when her bowels will be more active. When you bath her make sure you soak her in the water (pour it over her shell) make the water abit warmer if you have to, if this fails then you may need to seek advice from a vet.


Re: poo touble
Posted: 07/01/2011 by madkay

thankyou, i will try doing that in the morning she is still eating plus she always climbs in her water bowl and goes to sleep is this ok x

Re: poo touble
Posted: 07/01/2011 by tortoise7

Like Ali says, warms baths work really well, also what are your temps, they maybe too low for your torts to digest their food prpoerly? my little one does this to me all the time,despite the temps being OK. I did take mine to the vet once, and the vet gave her an X-Ray and she was full of poo, this was after her not pooing for 2 wks, they gave me one week and then said if nothing happening then to bring her back and they would give her a laxative, I done two sometimes three baths a day plus some fresh Aloe Vera from my plant and Bingo, and boy did she go!!!! I only have these problems with her when she is indoors, when she is outside, everything functions just perfectly.

Re: poo touble
Posted: 07/01/2011 by madkay

thanks jane i will have to up the temperature, and give her 3baths today where do you get aloe vera from xx

Re: poo touble
Posted: 09/01/2011 by madkay

hi she wont eat the aloe vera, maybe cos i got some off a lady but it was wet as the plant had been outside xx


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