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pink urates
Posted: 29/12/2010 by janice

Hello, one of my female horsfield tortoises has passed pink urates for two days now. Previously to that, she passed white urate, not gritty but normal. She has had no change in her environment, diet etc and am not sure what it could be. She seems her usual self, eating well and active. All ideas and help appreciated. Janice.

Re: pink urates
Posted: 29/12/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Janice,  I know that dandelions can turn the urates pinky, (not sure if you've managed to find any tho in this weather!). 

Another symptom is dehydration, so keep up the warm baths and perhaps add a little cucumber to her diet to help rehydrated.  Keep a close eye on her, she sounds like she is ok otherwise, so it could be something in the supermarket diet we are having to feed them because of this weather!

Let us know how you get on, regards Vivienne

Re: pink urates
Posted: 29/12/2010 by janice

Thanks for your speedy reply Viv.

Our weed patch is non existant at the moment.After the 16 inches of snow that we had a few weeks ago, everything is flat and slimy and needs stripping and replaceing when the temperatures get a little better so we are relying on shop bought items.

Will be bathing her more than normal and spoiling her with cucumber - usually a treat for her.

Thanks again, Janice.


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