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frnt claw loose
Posted: 16/12/2010 by sherif

hi .can u help me please. i noticed one of frnt leg claws(1st from inside) has been loose over last 3 weeks,it was bleeding initially .but now it is persistanly loose &is fanged out from other claws it doesnot seem to upset her when touched but how to help it heal back into position if there is still hope.thanks

Re: frnt claw loose
Posted: 16/12/2010 by TPGDave

Hello, one of two things has happened here. Either the claws snagged on something or there is a bacterial/fungal infection causing the nail to come loose. It probably means the tortoise will lose the nail but its not a problem, though they dont grow back if the whole claw is lost. If its due to an infection, try putting some tamodine on the foot. It might be worthwhile contacting a vet if this continues.


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