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looking for a young tortoise.
Posted: 28/10/2010 by lynnmunro

hi, i've been thinking of getting a tortoise prob a hermans or horsfield just after christmas i hope january sometime. i know people have been finding it hard in scotland to find breeders , i'm willing to travel there is no way me or my partner will buy online as i want to see where my tortoise is coming from. are there any breeders that can advise me when to start looking. i'm looking for a young one, hatchling preferably. thanks

Re: looking for a young tortoise.
Posted: 28/10/2010 by tpgAli


You are very wise not wanting to buy from an online dealer. Please take a look at our breeders list where you will find only uk reputable breeders


You need to read up before you decide on a species, you can find our caresheets here

Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions




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