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Posted: 03/10/2010 by jnunes

I have recently adopted a large Tourtise from a vacant house and knew nothing about it. He just about ate me out of the house at first, even taking pizza form my 2 year old! He now has grass and small pebbles in his "turds" am I not feeding it enough or should I be feeding him something he is lacking? Thanks, Jori

Re: Tank
Posted: 06/10/2010 by TPGDave

Tortoises may eat small stones and it can indicate they are lacking calcium. You can suppliment using a calcium powder for reptiles, cuttlefish bone can also be offered. Aim for a nice, natural diet. Check out the caresheets under " the tortoise" on the left. Any questions, please ask. A good site for feeding advice is

And no more pizza :)


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