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watery eye!!
Posted: 25/09/2010 by mypetturbo

hello there im just wondering if any one has any suggestions about my horsefield tortoise, 1 year old. has had a watery eye the last few days and not eating too much, just getting a bit worried now his temperature is spot on and i have now changed his substrate to just topsoil so not got any sand in it. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, lisa

Re: watery eye!!
Posted: 26/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi, see how he goes with the change of substrate, keep the warm baths up and try gently bathing the eye with some cooled boiled water. 

Let us know how you get on.

Regards Vivienne

Re: watery eye!!
Posted: 26/09/2010 by mypetturbo

thankyou for your reply, i will do all of that and let you know how he gets on. thankyou, lisaClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: watery eye!!
Posted: 26/09/2010 by DavidWYork

As long as still feeding and not in obvious distress, I wouldn't be stressing yet. Bathing eyes be sure to use separate swabs and water for each eye to avoid problems. I am a firm believer in the value of codliver oil for eye problems. Posted several times on its use.The vitamins in it are great for swollen lids, puffy eyes and watering ones too. I have used it with torts and terrapins over many years, for lots of torts (mostly other peoples), but with fantastic success! Wait till he's warm and feeding well and try and get 1-2 drops into mouth on favourite food. They don't like it so you have con torty, or open mouth and drip in...easiest with a cold tortoise, I find.  Do not over do it...a couple of drops every other day or so has worked for me even on different sized torts up to 2.5kg, after about a week. I was once given a supposedly blind,swollen eyed terrapin which recovered overnight, after one applocation!Good luck and keep us posted on the site here! David in York

Re: watery eye!!
Posted: 27/09/2010 by mypetturbo

thankyou for replying it doesnt seem as watery today but still cleaning it for him, he isnt eating as much as normally would,  would rather be sleeping under his light. i will pop out later and pick up some codliver oil and give it a go, if no better by the end of the week i will take him to the vets, many thanks for the advice. lisa

Re: watery eye!!
Posted: 20/12/2010 by jamestomlin

hey, just wondering how it went as i have a tortoise in a very very similar position, just bought the cod liver today, thanks for any time given.


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