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Posted: 18/09/2010 by michelle


I have a 14yr old Female Hermans and after checking her today her "bits" look a bit swollen ........ I have given her a warm bath .... but this year is the first year she hasent laid any eggs - even though I have two males which have "taking a liking" to her - so I assumed that she would lay.

I'm worried now that she may be egg-bound ..... is it a case of taking her to the vets to be checked over and is there something else I can do .....


Posted: 18/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Michelle, if you suspect that she is egg bound then it is best to get her checked especially as hibernation time is looming, this can be diagnosed by x-ray.  It could also be that the two males are too much for her and both mating her, it may be wise to separate her for a while.  The ideal ratio is 3 females to 1 male, so that the females aren't stressed out by too many males.  So she maybe swollen from too much mating as well!!

Let us know how you get on, regards Vivienne


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