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Jackson Ratio
Posted: 24/08/2010 by dewly

I have just measured and weighed my 2 two year old spur thigh's, Alfie and Daisy and they are both 7cm long and weigh 94g. I have worked out the Jackson Ratio and it comes to 0.274. What am I supposed to do with this figure now please to ensure they are the correct weight?
Thank you

Re: Jackson Ratio
Posted: 31/08/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Julie

Did reply but doesn't seem to have posted, never mind lets start again. Arte you sure the weight and lengths are correct? if so then 0.274 is quite heavy I am afraid, let me give you some idea of the scales I try to keep to.  Firstly here are general rules as I have been adviced:-
0.16- Possibly needing vetinary attention, but definately underweight
0.17-20- ideal weights
0.21 and over- obese
I generally keep the baby to 0.18 - 0.19 and my big girl 0.19 but nearer 0.20 before hibernation time.
hope this helps

Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: Jackson Ratio
Posted: 01/09/2010 by dewly

Thank you Jane, Keya and Molly
Just checking again and the above weights and lengths are correct. Really worried now. They are in a large tortoise table and they also have a large enclousure outside.
I feed them every day - lots of different types of dandilions and some times they have some rocket.
Please help. What should I be doing now? I've worked out that they have grown 2cm in the last 12 months and gained 34 grammes. I thought that was fine as was told that they should gain 3 grammes a month ;-(
Thank you

Re: Jackson Ratio
Posted: 02/09/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Julie

Don't worry  as long as they can get around and the heads are not rubbing against the shell, and are quite happy. Now the hard part comes from you in that you need to cut the food down, and ignore the pleading eyes!!!! to give a very rough guide on what I feed my baby who is 4yrs old and I give her in the mornings only,  1 small dandelion leaf, a couple of small plantain, a small flower head, a couple of mallow leaves, and maybe a couple of other leaves, with a dusting of Nutrabol This is a very crude example but hopefully easier to understand, diet is a very difficult area to give advice on. The general rule is, enough food as the size of the shell. If you are feeding clover I would stop as it is very high in protein which you don't want them to be having. Just cut the food down and at this stage  I would be weighing them every week if not more and adjusting their food accordingly. Please don't worry though, it is so hard trying to get a balance and it is only by learning that we can do this. Personally I keep to the range scales and my little one seems to be doing fine, by keeping her to 0.18 - 0.19 when she does go into the 0.20 I cut down on her food(apart from coming up to hibernation time), you could also try just feeding 6 days out of the 7 and doing a cool down day, that will also help to balance the weight.
Hope this helps, just think it is better the weight is this way and not grossly underweight!!

Jane Keya & Molly


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