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Hermans stopped using leg
Posted: 16/08/2010 by Paul1234

My tortoise has just stopped using her right leg. She has it tucked away, the vet said there is nothing wrong but I don't agree as she has been using the leg fine up to a few days ago. She is 4 years old and is otherwise very healthy

Re: Hermans stopped using leg
Posted: 18/08/2010 by DavidWYork

Hello there. ...Are we talking back leg or front? Is it kept indoors or out?I would want to check for thorns or spike injuries, ticks or other external parasites, as well as claw damage. Could it be a burn injury, could she have been dropped, or stung by ants or wasps? There might even be a foreign body or particle in the armpit or groin, depending on whether fore or hind limb. ...Like you, I expect a reason and solution after consulting a professional. Is the shell a good smooth shape?...if not it could indicate bone/joint trouble, but this is unlikely if shell is good. Can you withdraw leg and check for answers to my questions?If not, let tort cool down and become torpid so it offers less resistance to your attempts at examination. Please keep us posted, and if necessary, seek a second opinion.

Best of luck, David in York


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