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bossy boo! help
Posted: 22/06/2010 by angel

not been on in ages but we are getting increasingly concerned about our little bossy she seems to be very slugish doesnt wake up to venture till gone 12 yet her lights r on at 8am shes not eating to much either to what she useually eats she sleeps alot and doesnt move round her enclosure much anymore either. Shes constantly purging to come out of her enclosure but when she does she tends to hide behind the t.v and sleep!!!!!!!!!!! where befor she would strut round for ages quite happy go in her enclosure eat walk round and sleep and she not doinf this anymore her behaviour has changed so much over the last month or so its getting worrying. please help.

Re: bossy boo! help
Posted: 22/06/2010 by TPGDave

Hello Angel,

What kind of tortoise is Bossy please?  Also are you measuring temperatures? As we finally get into summer and house temperatures go up, this will affect the tempertures your basking lamp reaches, it'll be higher at the same distance.

With species like Horsfields this can trigger estivation, a kind of hibernation but as a reaction to high temperatures. The tortoise winds down into a period of activity to sit out what would be a time of extreme temperatures and little food in the wild.

If you could post the temperatures you are seeing at the basking spot and the cooler areas it might help. Something to consider is that temperatures at floor level are several degrees lower than higher up. Tortoises also appreciate familiarity with their surroundings, the visits out of its home may be throwing it and stressing it, causing the hiding away because of not feeling safe.

I wouldn't rule out a vet checkup either. Things like protazoa or worms can cause the tortoise to be lethargic and off their food.

Hope this helps.


Re: bossy boo! help
Posted: 23/06/2010 by angel

bossy is a spur thigh she ha her heat lamp checked regularly and her heat isnt too high in her cage and he allways seems to be sleeping at the end of her cage where the lamp is the otherside of her cage i cool but not too cool so she could get out of the heat if shewanted too but doesnt seem interested. she walks round when she out but doesnt walk around as much as she used to.

Re: bossy boo! help
Posted: 29/06/2010 by TPGDave

Hi Angel

any news on your tortoise, hope he's
perked up.


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