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vet please help!
Posted: 20/06/2010 by Elisabeth Ruane

Hi Kevin,

we brought 2 tortoises to England in April of this year, who had been in our family for about 50 years. They had been living in Germany since they were tiny. When we picked them up in April they had just come out of hibernation . They are greek land tortoises, not sure which kind exactly.

When we got them to England the temperature was much lower and they slowed down and didn't eat. They also seemed extremely grumpy,just stomping about. I felt that would be quite normal for a while. However, now less grumpy, they are still hardly eat anything. Some days I don't see them eat at all and some days they eat a few bites of lettuce or tomatoes, and they are losing weight.

I offer them different kind of greens, tomatoes, melon, strawberries and cucumber. They used to love strawberries - now they ignore them completely. They had been given bread soaked in diluted milk for the last 50 years, which they adored.I thought I'd wean them off that diet, but eventually gave them some. They hardly touch that now.

They live in an enclosed part of the garden which is meadow, with dandelions, clover etc growing in it. The enclosure is about 10 times larger than what they are used to. I put them in a low dish with warm water for a bath, which they seem to enjoy.

I took them to the local vet about 3 weeks after they had arrived in England to register them. The weather had become warmer and I did mention that they were not eating. The vet suggested a blood test which I didn't agree to at that time . The vet also tagged them - could that have aggravated this?

These 2 guys had not needed a vet in 50 years, hibernated every year, put on weight during the summer etc, never had a problem.

I am now really worried and would be grateful for your advice.

with thanks and best regards

Liz Ruane



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