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advice for a new tort owner
Posted: 15/06/2010 by cazza

Hi, I recieved my tortoise as a gift a few days ago. I had researched keeping Tortoises as a pet before but now hes here it's a little scarey !! I want advice on the the best foods, flowers and weeds to feed him on. The advice from the breeder was watercress salad leaves but not iceburg Lettuce, courgette and carrot. i was given calcium suppliment and to sprinkle a quarter of a teaspoon on his food each day. There is so much conflicting information on the net. could you share some tips ?

Re: advice for a new tort owner
Posted: 15/06/2010 by DavidWYork

Another person smitten by torts. Join the club.

Really it would help to know a bit more info about your beast, and set up. Personally, apart from tomatoes, all food I give is wild picked or grown especially by me. I give tomatoes sometimes as a means of getting vitamins and calcium in directly...most tort loves em and therefore get the supplements I give without fail. I was given this link recently which even after years of tort keeping learned plenty from:  I discovered plants I have had in my garden for over 20 yrs which are suitable ( and now enjoyed) by my tort. Don't long as you provide adequate warmth, shade, a temperature gradient and suitable food, he will be fine in the short term. Once you are widely read, a lot is either common sense or copying someone else and their set up and ideas. Send in a little more info and maybe a photo or two of beast and set up, if possible.   Best wishes and good luck. David in York

Re: advice for a new tort owner
Posted: 15/06/2010 by cazza

Hi this is little Frankie. At the mo hes on a indoor tortoise table (someone has a run for him so he can chillax outside in the day) and I think i have the right light and heat (from what i have researched) though i think i need to change the bedding/covering hes on shavings at the mo but going to change it to sand and soil. I have seen a seed mix on the tortoise shop websitewhich i will order so he can have this. He eats very well and is quite friendly. I have rose bushes and pansys in the garden do i just pick the petels and give them to him?. I researched tortoises for months and then received him as a present  and it feels scarey now. I have asked the neighbours to pick give me dandilions from their gardens so hopfully soon he will have some good grub. at the moment i am feeding him on rocket courgette watercress carrot. the local vet specialises in tortoises so will register him and get him checked over and ask advice. Am I going on!! (lol) sorry thanks for the link very helpful

Regards Caroline

Re: advice for a new tort owner
Posted: 17/06/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Cazza, little Frankie looks great!  It sounds like you have done all your research and putting it into practice.

Regarding the foods dont give him courgette, watercress and only give carrot very occasionally.  Best to stick to the weeds, there are loads and loads about at the moment.

Regards Vivienne

Re: advice for a new tort owner
Posted: 17/06/2010 by cazza

Thanks I spent the day yesterday researching weeds and flowers and popped over my friends allotment for dandies! I have been out in the garden getting fushia pansy and clover too so I getting on the right track!
Thanks heavens for this website you all have giving me more knowledge and confidence to care for frankie and the way his munching on his weeds and flowers I think he thanks u too!!


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