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Leopard tort very odd eye problem
Posted: 10/06/2010 by Tortygirl

Hi I have a 6 year old male Leopard tort and have never had any health issues before however, I noticed today he has a small hole under his right eye as if he had lost a scale or had it gouged out. It is red in colour but isn't weeping and there is no chance he has been attacked. Can anyone advise me on what it might be? He seems otherwise healthy and is still eating, excercising etc.

Thanks Leanne.

Re: Leopard tort very odd eye problem
Posted: 11/06/2010 by DavidWYork

Not too clear what problem is from photo, but nevertheless, looks unpleasantClick and drag me down to the editor! I have never kept leopard torts, but have kept ibera for years. Eye problems are not that uncommon. When I was a lad in the 50's the first thing a doctor did to any patient was check condition of eyes and tongue. They are often clear indicators of other issues.I ask the questions...When did change occur and is tort rubbing eye? Are there other torts with him/her which could have done this? Any signs of maggots or large flies which could mean "fly strike?" ( eggs laid and young maggots developing?) Most things are treatable if caught early. I would be  seeking vet advice if this is an open wound. May need antibiotics. In warm vivs, infections soon get worse, and although tort may tolerate infection for weeks, things can nosedive quickly if untreated. On the plus side, torts can be sawn open, shell filed away to bone, limbs removed... and still make a spectacular recovery! Please keep us updated, your info could be invaluable to one of us in future. We must share info and experiences. Good luck from York.

Re: Leopard tort very odd eye problem
Posted: 11/06/2010 by Tortygirl

Hi thanks for the reply, I first noticed it yesterday but I check him and talk to him daily so this has happened fast, there are no signs of any flies/maggots. He doesn't seem bothered by it and isn't rubbing at all. He is on his own in a tort table with precise temps, behaving normally but it has got me worried. I only bought him 2 years ago and was told by the breeder what to feed him, ie curly cale, spinach etc  from supermarkets. All seemed well until I was tipped off that this was probs too much wet food, since then, I only feed him wild weed, dandelion, thistle, clover etc..Could this be the problem?? I always inspect his food for insects etc but it is odd that this has happened in the few weeks I have changed his diet..I have contacted my local vet but they have a reptile specialist that comes in twice a month and won't be in for a week and a half.

Re: Leopard tort very odd eye problem
Posted: 17/06/2010 by VivTPG

Hi leanne, it could be a missing scale, he could have rubbed it with his legs.  Best to keep it very clean so as to avoid flystrike as David mentions.

If it is still there in a week, it would be worth letting the tortoise specialist have a look.  By the way it would not be anything to do with the weeds, these are the best food for him as well as grass which is their staple diet in the wild.

Let us know how he gets on, regards Vivienne


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