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Anyone else get grumpy tortoise syndrome ?
Posted: 12/05/2010 by paul W

Hi All

Currently our little 6 year old Hermann's Gerogie is being treated for a throat infection (and the resulting anorexia that's stemmed from it - not our doing but a result of being piched last year and not looked after properly it seems). He's been perscribed Baytril and has to have it once a day - syringe into open mouth, baytril squirted in etc.

However the question's this: Has anyone else got experience of a sick tortoise, once let go and put back under his/her pen launching themself like a mini cruise missile off the tortoise table and storming at speed across the room to take their temper or frustration out on anything that gets in their way ... including their owners ?! I've had my ankles shoulder barged quite successfully a couple of times and for a creature that's not eaten properly in 4 weeks there's still a lot of strength in him !

Whilst it makes me laugh to watch his antics I'm a little worried it's stressing him out unduly but we've got to give this medicine if we stand a hope of getting him well again.
I will feel less worried however, if there's other people out there with similar stories of GTS - Grumpy Tortoise Syndrome.



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