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Tortoise not eating
Posted: 22/04/2010 by martin1974


We bought a tortoise about a week ago. He is a Greek Spur sided tortoise abotu one year old. We have a heat lamp and fluoresent lighting which keeps the temp around 80 degrees. I have found that since bringing him home he seems to have slowed down and today hasn't eaten much. I don't really bring him out of the tank much as the temp has been quite cool. He also hasn't excreeted in two days. I'm starting to get slightly worried as it's not the time of year for hibernation and he's only one year old. He seems to be doing alot of sleeping.






Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 22/04/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Martin Click and drag me down to the editorto the site and congratulations on your baby tort.  Here is the link to the spur thigh care sheet,  have a good read any questions just fire away!!

Regards Vivienne

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 24/04/2010 by malucachu

We have a Horsefield tortoise aged about 5 years old. He's energetic and is regularly bathed.

We don't think he is dehydrated. However, he simply isn't eating.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 24/04/2010 by TPGDave


there is usually a period of adustment when a tortoise is placed in unfamiliar surroundings. This can result in the behaviour you are seeing. Also bear in mind that in the wild a young tortoise spends a lot of it's time hidden away, it leads a very secretive life. Without knowing the source of your tortoise I'd always recommend a check over by a good specialist vet. They can check for things like worms(a common problem but easily treated).
Keep up the bathing and don't expect your tortoise to pass the White urayes every time. If it is well hydrated there will be less urates and clear urine is passed.
You did say you don't take him out of his tank. Is he in a glass vivarium? I don't like the idea of med tortoises in a viv, it's difficult for them to xontrol their body temperature and this may contribute to the lethargy.

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 24/04/2010 by TPGDave

Regarding the 5 yo Horsfield, a bit different but again I would consider a check for worms. There is a free scheme being run to check tortoise fecal samples, details can be found on the forum.

Keep up the bathing and offer a range of weeds. Some rime out in the sun might tempt the tortoise to feed too.

Re: Tortoise not eating
Posted: 24/04/2010 by malucachu

Thank you. That's helpful advice.


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