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Herpes in torts announced by TT
Posted: 12/06/2008 by vivtpgadmin

Herpes confirmed in Horsfields purchased online

Important Announcement Released by the Tortoise Trust 12 June 2008. 

Please read the above announcement, which can be found on our Home News page.  Please feel free to discuss.


Re: Herpes in torts announced by TT
Posted: 12/06/2008 by tpgNina

That is so worrying, and has potential implications for the health of a huge number of tortoises now living in the UK. Andy has just posted some further information on our Yahoo forum, and I hope he won't mind if I cut and paste his message here, as it would be good to have the discussion continuing on this forum too. To follow up his first message on the fact that Herpes has been confirmed in Horsfields purchased from online deaers in the UK (see our News Page) he adds:

"By all working together,
we can at least get the message out as widely as possible.
In this case the owner states that the supplier (who is based in
Wales, by the way) told her NOT to go to a vet! I quote from what the
vet has to say about this:
"I believe this infection to have been present at the time of
purchase, and suspect that the supplier may well have an endemic
herpes problem. I was extremely shocked to hear the report that the
supplier had advised against veterinary care. This undoubtedly
increased the suffering in this little tortoise. Further stress was
caused to this tortoise by the lack of advice on correct housing and
care which should have been provided by the vendor".

Symptoms included severe lesions with blisters, diphteresis of the
tongue and pharynx, oedema, puffy eyes, did not eat voluntarily since
purchased. Ultimately, euthanasia advised, but death from the
infection took place first.

Andy Highfield

Re: Herpes in torts announced by TT
Posted: 22/06/2008 by Joanne

This is sooooo sad and very worrying for all with tortoises. I can't believe that the seller/supplier advised against veterinary care! Is there a risk of our tortoises catching herpes or would they need to come into contact with a infected tortoise?

Joanne xx 


Re: Herpes in torts announced by TT
Posted: 26/06/2008 by shazzler

Click and drag me down to the editorthat is really sad that the poor tort died that way, im manic at the moment because my horsefield is only a baby and it turns out she was imported via slovenia, i wonder if this idiot in wales is supplying pet stores in the north west , i will ring the store tomorrow and enquire i will also tell the owner the reasons behind my asking, any information i recieve i will post here, we may be able to trace who has supplied who and hopefully warn other pet stores about the conditions, fingers crossed 


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