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help !
Posted: 22/11/2009 by rach

hi , about a wk ago i emailed as i was very worried about my 2 new torts, they wern't eating + 1 wasnt even really coming out of bed area, i'd previously emailed + spoken 2 darren who reassured me , then also vivienne who also made me feel better about what i was doing . well i'm just emailing 2 say they r both eating + drinking now + i'm sooo relieved , i must say tho that without the reassurance from darren + vivienne i dnt know how i'd have got thru so easily, everything i was doing was right but i was so worried , but they gave me support + advice THANKS xxx rach xxx

Re: help !
Posted: 23/11/2009 by VivTPG

Thanks Rach, sooooooo glad  Click and drag me down to the editor   to hear they are both doing fine now!! And so glad we put your mind at ease and was able to help, it's very nerve racking when you first take on new torts, I was exactly the same with my first ones, watching their every move!!Click and drag me down to the editor

Anymore queries or questions we are all here for you, regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: help !
Posted: 23/11/2009 by TPGDarren

You're very welcome- Glad to hear eveything is OK Rachel:-)

Take Care


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