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to hibernate or not?
Posted: 08/11/2009 by hughesj

My Herman tortoise (Holly) is 4 years old and I'm not sure whether she should be put into hibernation. She is eating but not as much as usual and has not used her bowels for about 2 weeks (is this normal?). She is large for her age, around 800 grams and 180mm and appears healthy. She doesn't go out, she has her own little house in the living room. Would obviously have to stop feeding her for a few weeks before hibernating if I decide to go ahead. This is really scary. Grateful for any advice. Cath

Re: to hibernate or not?
Posted: 08/11/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Cath,

She is very big for her age and it would certainly be worth monitoring her futute weight gain. I've just checked her on the Jacson Ratio and she is coming out very low, possibly the measurements aren't quite right.

May I suggest you please take a look at this link:-

It explains how to measure your tortoise, all about the Jackson Ratio and now has a Jackson Ratio Calculator.

Please let us know how you get on


Best Regards




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