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Healthy or not?
Posted: 18/10/2009 by clairesimmons1974

Hi I found this picture and there was suggestion from another user that this Tortoise has a poor diet, Its apparently 4 years and feed like a king! Whats ur thoughts? healthy?

Re: Healthy or not?
Posted: 18/10/2009 by sammcatee

looks like he has pyramiding and maybe metabolic bone disease.
Probably low calcium low fibre high protein diet . bad bad bad

Re: Healthy or not?
Posted: 19/10/2009 by VivTPG

Hi, it looks like this tort has definitely been fed the wrong diet and not been given calcium supplements, the poor thing has pyramiding on its carapace (top) and could be suffering Metabolic Bone Disease. It may have been fed like a king but unfortunately the wrong foods!

Do you know who owns this tort?  If so, it would be wise to pass them one of our care sheetsClick and drag me down to the editor

Regards Vivienne

Re: Healthy or not?
Posted: 19/10/2009 by clairesimmons1974

Hi Vivienne

I found this pic on Facebook on the Tortoise club. I will send you the link. There were comments regarding this Tortoise and the owner was rather rude in her reply. She said there is nothing wrong with him. I pasted the link for this site but her response to that was For godsakes its to do with him poking his neck out whilst drinking. I was shocked! Let me know where I can sent you the info and link and I will get it straight to you. Maybe hearing it from a serious professional may make her realise her Tortoise is ill.

Re: Healthy or not?
Posted: 20/10/2009 by VivTPG

Hi, I will see if I can find this group.  However, we do come across this problem all the time, seeing torts in trouble especially in 'for sale' ads, we have tried to intervene but often to no avail, they will not listen to us.  We just have to keep promoting the site and good husbandry.  Hopefully the owner will decide to have a crafty look at our link you have sent her, and may learn a thing or two!!


thanks for drawing this to our attention, regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor


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