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Posted: 14/10/2009 by phil3173

hey advice needed ive had my herman tort for 6 months now for the past 3weeks she has been off her food and her shell has gone soft took her to vets who thinks she may have mbd as the pet shop i got her from didnt give me the correct lighting or information. vet is giving calcuim injections every few days to see if this improves the situation ( started yesterday) but now we ave noticed a small crack in her shell underneath near her back leg any advice please

Re: mbd??????
Posted: 14/10/2009 by VivTPG

Hi, have you pointed the crack out to the vet, is your vet a tort specialist (we have a list on our website (see left column 'vets and health issues').

It does sound as though she is lacking calcium.  Are you now providing the correct basking and UV lighting and supplements on her food which is limestone flour 3-4 days a week and nutrobal on the other days.

Please have a read of the care sheet which should help to ensure you are providing the best care for her needs

Regards Vivienne


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