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Posted: 13/10/2009 by ellen 1963

hello everyone just got some plant plugs could anyone tell me if they are all right  the lady i got them from said they were if anyone could help i would be very greatful 1.viola 2 weimnstephaner3.sedum spurium4. sedum cauticola 5.crassula pagoda frm ellen and shelbyClick and drag me down to the editor

Posted: 14/10/2009 by lyndash

Our torts love sedum, dandelion & clover. 

Posted: 14/10/2009 by VivTPG

Hi Ellen and Shelby, mine like viola and sedum, cant say I know the 2nd and 5th plants.  With any plants you buy make sure you grow them on, and only feed the new growth of flowers and leaves, to ensure any pesticides or fertilisers have gone!

Regards Vivienne


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