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eating poo!
Posted: 27/09/2009 by kateksb

I have a baby spur thighed tortoise, who seems happy and active and eats well, but I noticed him eating his own poo! He has plenty of food, a large water dish, a heat lamp, daylight lamp, a hide and everything - what am I doing wrong?
thanks - Kate

Re: eating poo!
Posted: 27/09/2009 by kerryjcarl

Hi, I am certainly not an expert on tortoises, but I have read that eating their own poo, helps their digestive systems to maintain the balance of good bacteria, my tortoises have always eaten their own poo and it hasn't harmed them.  I do usually spot remove the poo as it comes, but sometimes I am too late and they have had a tasty snack of it!



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