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Posted: 25/09/2009 by ellen 1963

hiya all its me again i,m getting a bit worried about shelby she seems to be spending all her time in her hut she comes out for a hour a day has to eat then go back to bed digs down and stays there i lowered her mega ray a little bit but if anything it made her more sleepy has anyone got any ideas from ellen and sleepy shelbyClick and drag me down to the editor

Posted: 25/09/2009 by VivTPG

Hi Ellen, most torts are noticing the cooler weather and are beginning to slow down. Is she eating ok and are you still giving her warm baths?  Are there any other symptoms such as bubbles coming out of her nose?

If you are worried then it may be worth you visiting a tortoise specialist vet for a check over for her.

Regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor


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