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Posted: 31/08/2009 by Munster


I was wonder if anyone can help?

We have 2 beautiful Herman torts (Munster & Tuga) about 2 years old. The have a good weed and flower diet and with sprinkle nurobal. We bath them everyday and weather premiting they have an outdoor pen that they love to explore.

For the past week - week and a half  Tuga does nothing but sleep. He gets up has food and then goes back to sleep (even when we put him outside). He is weeing and no2 ing fine, but is not every active. On the other hand Munster is running around as he usually does.

All the temps are fine in their enclosure - 32 - 34 degrees under the lamp and 20-22 at the other end . We have had the UV bulb a year and wondered if this needed changing, but we dont think this is why Tuga is so inactive.

Does anyone have any advice?

many thanks

Catherine, Jon, Munster and sleepy Tuga.


Re: Sleepy
Posted: 31/08/2009 by tpgarlene

Hi Catherine

I think Tuga knows that autumn is on its way, some tortoises are active well into September, and others start to slow down much earlier.  It is too early for him to go into slow down and get ready for hibernation mode, so try to keep him going a bit longer, it is good news that he is still eating, but make sure that if he doesnt get himeself up in the morning that you wake him up, get him basking, and give him a bath.

Let us know how he gets on, and of course if he shows any other symptoms, please seek the advice of a good vet,

all the best

Arlene TPG

Re: Sleepy
Posted: 01/09/2009 by Munster

Thanks Arlene

We will keep an eye on him.


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