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Posted: 16/08/2009 by minniechops

I have two approx. 3 year old horsefields. George has always seemed to quiet like bathing but humphrey seems to hate them. 5 mind and he wants out. I did once try him with a shower and he stood up tall with his neck stretch high. Not sure if this was a sign he liked it or hated it. How often should I bath them. I have also noticed that they don't drink much.

Also I just thought I would share this with you- 9 times out of 10 humphrey will turn around in the water and do a poo right near george head. So polite!!


Re: Bathing
Posted: 17/08/2009 by Laraine

Hi Doe,

It is important with all tortoises and especially young tortoises that they do not get dehydrated. Make sure there is water available at all times in their table and outside enclosure.

Some of ours don't like a bath either...............but tough! they get one!  Even our 50+ year old tortoises get a bath around 3 times a week. In the warm weather they can dehydrate very quickly, so in addition to the bathing, make sure they get their weeds 'wet', so no careful drying them after washing. LOL 

Being in the warm water encourages them to wee, poo (as you have found) and to drink. You will also notice they are ready to eat as soon as they get out.

On very hot days, if you have a hosepipe you can spray on a very fine mist setting, or use one of the hand sprays, this will also encourage them to wee and drink. (and pass any urates they have).



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