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Mucas poo
Posted: 26/07/2009 by lauren

Hi, i recently got my much sought after tortoise Dave after lots of carefl research, i've been keeping him in a rabbit style cage with heat and UV lamps and providing him with the recomended nutrients however recentl ive noticed his pooappears to have changed and looks likea  greenish mucas? Could any body help is this normal or should i take him to a vets?

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thanks x

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 26/07/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Lauren,

May I ask a couple of questions please?

Are you bathing him daily?
Where did you get him from?
What does his diet consist of please?

Kindest Regards

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 26/07/2009 by lauren

He gets bathed every other day and eats dandilions and clovers mainly but does like strawberries and brocolli, i got him as a surprise birthday presant after wanting one for years, i'm not sure of where exactly he was from but i know it was somewhere in Carlisle. His poo seemed pretty normal when i got him for the first few weeks but has changed recently, so worried, what do ou reccomend i do?

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 27/07/2009 by VivTPG

It sounds like he is from an internet dealer, and is likely to be an imported tortoise.  I would recommend you take a poo sample to the vets to get it checked for worms/parasites and get the necessary treatment.

Regarding his diet, it is best to feed him weeds.  Fruit such as strawberries is likely to upset his gut flora, whilst the brocolli contains high levels of oxalates which hinder the absorption of calcium that are necessary for good shell growth.  We have some excellent care sheets (I'm not sure what sort of tort Dave is!) just click on his type.

Hope this helps, please let us know how you get on.  Regards Vivienne

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 27/07/2009 by lauren

Thank you so much, he does seem much chirpier today and his poo is getting a lot better but i'll keep and eye on him and if anythign changes again ill get himt ot eh vets. Thanks for you're help and I'll keep you up dated Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 27/07/2009 by VivTPG

Hi Lauren, it could have been the fruit and veg upsetting his tummy, but as he is most likely to be an imported tort, I would definitely have a poo sample taken to be on the safe side.  It doesnt cost much and your local vet will be able to do this for you, the treatment is also inexpensive, it will be worth it!

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Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 02/08/2009 by lauren

Just to let you all know, i've kept Dave off the fruit and his diets consists manly of dandilion leaves clover and grass :) His poo is back to normal now panic over :)

Thanks for all your help

Re: Mucas poo
Posted: 03/08/2009 by TPGDarren

That's good news Lauren:-)


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