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sad tortoise
Posted: 25/07/2009 by colette

My 4 year old tortoise, Boo, seems to be feeling very miserable. He is spending the vast majority oh his time in his bedroom, eating and drinking very little. Has been like this for over a week. He still looks quite healthy - eyes clear etc. But I am worried. Any ideas ?


Re: sad tortoise
Posted: 25/07/2009 by Laraine

Hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions.
Where is he housed? in a table? outside? or in a viv?
What are the temps? What type of lamp/tube do you have?

Are you bathing him daily as he seems to be off his food?
Has he been wormed?


Re: sad tortoise
Posted: 25/07/2009 by colette

He's housed in a table with a basking lamp. Temp around 30' at hottest area of table near light. i've been bathing him every 2 or three days - so maybe should do that more frequently ? Was doing it weekly previously.He hasn't been wormed.
When it was really hot a few weeks ago I had him outside some of the time.
Thanks for your time.


Re: sad tortoise
Posted: 26/07/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Colette,

If he's a tortoise you acquired from a dealer (pet shop etc) rather than a breeder - it may well be worth having a stool sample checked just in case. Unfortunately when they are sourced from large suppliers of tortoises, they are often kept together in their 100s creating an express freeway for parasitic contamination.
Daily bathing will help increase activity and access to outside on warm days also.


Re: sad tortoise
Posted: 05/08/2009 by Baybee-Bat

Percy tends to do this too when hes been out in the sunshine. He has a sulk for a few days but he normally comes out OK


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