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correct weight
Posted: 28/06/2009 by clairiscrazy

can someone work out the jackson ratio for me please i dont understand it.

ive just weighed clifford for the first time
weight: 50g
length: 6cm

i think he was born 1/8/08/ i know for def he was born in 08 as his cert says hatch 2008.

(((( it then says of issue 01/08/08 of issue 22/09/08 so if anyone could explain that for me that would be great aswell thanks :O) ))))

Re: correct weight
Posted: 29/06/2009 by TPGDarren


Here's a good link which explains the Jackson Rario:-



(weight/ length*length*length)

50 divided by (6x6x6)

50 divided by 216 = 0.231


If you check above the link it suggests that your tortoise is a little heavy.

It's not always 100% accurate and should only be used as a guide.

May I check what species you keep please?


With regards to the certificate - what is the country of origin on the license please?

Often tortoises  imported will be imported using one certificate, and they may also require a permit depending on what country they originate from. I can't say I'm absolutely sure, but I would imagine the date in box 12 is the date the permit was issued to import the tortoises, the date of issue would more than likely be the date the license was issued in the UK/EU. There may well not be a hatch date on your license as this is sometimes omitted when a bulk application is made.


May I ask where you obtained your tortoise and whether they are named in box 1 of the article 10?


Kindest Regards




Re: correct weight
Posted: 30/06/2009 by dandelionz

Click and drag me down to the editor Thanks for that Darren, i have always wondered how you compare the weight of small torts. Sammy was only 86g at the last weigh in and as the Jackson ratio graph starts at 100g weight, i have been guesstimating for the last year! I am happy to say she is about right, excellent!

Re: correct weight
Posted: 30/06/2009 by clairiscrazy


we got boris and clifford from our local pet shop, we have yellow certs for both of them

the name of the pet shop is named in box 1,

he said when they reach a certain length i need to get them microchipped,
and if i had to sell them (which i do NOT intend on doing) then i would need to send the cert off to change the name to mine in box 1.

box 10 says country of origin Macedonia..

hmmm things dont sound right now as i was told they were c/b from a local breeder so surely the country of origin would be uk? or am i misunderstanding this??

oh yeah they are Testudo hermanns

Re: correct weight
Posted: 01/07/2009 by tpgarlene

Hi Claire

No, Im afraid you are not misunderstanding this, if these tortoises had been bred by a local breeder, the country of origin would be UK, these tortoises have been imported.

Reference microchipping - if you intend to sell the tortose and it is over 10cm, then it must be chipped, DEFRA then issue a new licence with the microchip details on.  If you not intending to sell the torts, then you do not need to get them microchipped - it is quite an invasive procedure, the chip is the same as the one they use for dogs and cats, and at 10cm, a tortoise's legs are still very small.

Hope this helps :)

Arlene TPG

Re: correct weight
Posted: 02/07/2009 by TPGDarren

That's terrible that they claimed they were bred by a local breeder, but as Arlene says the license would say UK. Unfortunately it isn't uncommon for some pet shops to make such false claims


Here's a link to some care sheets which may help - many pet shops supply appalling advice and often recommend vivariums/tortoise pellets/ unsuitable substrates/ heat mats etc:-



Kindest Regards



Re: correct weight
Posted: 03/07/2009 by clairiscrazy

hello again

yes darren when i went in for some cuttlefish the day after (read up on that) he asked me about what heat i was providing i said the basking bulb he said oh thats ok we also have heat pads you can use i just smiled and said its ok, as i had read about heat pads being dangerous and result in overheating and even burning the little torts, i know i cant go to them for advice,

but we have read up loads on the internet and of course this website since we have gotten clifford and boris,

not the proper way via pet shop in geting tortoises i know that now, but we have them and we are going to give them the best life they can possibly have :O)


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