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How many baths
Posted: 26/06/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Everyone

I have been on hols that is why I have been so quiet!!!!!!  but as always I have a question....
I have been giving Molly (30 yrs old?) a bath everyday, as she needed them at first, but it has now became a morning  routine. I am wondering if that is too much for an adult who is in good health and the body functioning well. She appears to be quite happy with the baths, and then has something to eat afterwards, what would you suggest is a good amount to do each week?





Re: How many baths
Posted: 26/06/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Jane,

I tend to bathe my adults once or twice a week as they donít dehydrate as quickly as hatchling/juvenile tortoises, but ensure they have access to frequently refreshed watering holes around the garden. Itís always a good idea to keep the water dishes (or whatever is used) in the same place to enable a tortoise to locate them more easily.

Daily bathing certainly wonít harm her and if she enjoys her baths itís perfectly OK to continue.

Hope you had a good holiday

Kindest Regards

Re: How many baths
Posted: 26/06/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Darren

If it won't do her any harm then I will give carry on with her baths, as she seems??? to like the routine, it certainly gives her an appetite!!
Had a brilliant holiday- Arizona, couldn't find any Gopher torts though....



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